Drop-Off Laundry Services

    Perfect Wash Drop Off LaundryDrop Off Service

    Don't want to do your laundry? Let us do it!

    Our staff will professionally sort, wash and dry your clothes exactly how you like them. When you pick them up, they'll be nicely folded (the way you want them), hung on hangers (as you desire) and wrapped just for you, ready to wear or put away.

    Turn This into This Folded Comforters

    Dry Cleaning

    Think of Perfect Wash for ALL of your laundry needs.

    To make life easier for our laundry customers, we are now offering dry cleaning services. Our Dry Cleaing Service is entrusted to a well-established, family-run operator who owns their own green plant. Dry Cleaning is sent out every Monday, Wednesday & Friday evening and is usually ready two-days later.* Dry Cleaning Hanger

    *Certain specialty items or items requiring special attention may take longer. Add one to two extra business days for weeks containg holidays.

    Professional Rug Cleaning

    Think of Perfect Wash for ALL of your laundry needs.

    Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center is also partnered with a local, high-end, professional rug cleaner.
    Rugs sent out usually take 2-3 weeks to be processed. See pricing to the right.

  • Drop-Off Prices

    Wash-Dry-Fold & Hang Laundry

    Laundry to be READY by the 2nd day after 5 pm

    $1.45/lb. (15 lb. min. or $21.75)

    Rush Service*

    Laundry to be promised on same day or next day

    $2.05/lb. (15 lb. min. or $30.75)

    We encourage B.Y.O. Hangers and will recycle ours.

  • A la carte Items

    $18 for Large Comforter (Queen - Up)
    $14 for Small Comforter (Smaller than Queen)
    Add $5 for Down
    $18 for Sleeping Bags
    $10 & up for Rugs (washing)*
    Professional Rug Cleaning: $3/sq.ft.
    (approx. 2 week turn around)

    Please come in for pricing on:
    Sofa covers, patio furniture cushions, car covers, horse blankets, pet beds, table linens, curtains, or anything you can think of...

  • Disclaimers
    * At attendant's discretion
    - We will only perform services as per manufacturers' recommendation
    - Please CHECK YOUR POCKETS, we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items
    - Laundry left longer then 30 days of being finished may be donated
    - We will always err on the side of Under Promising and Over Delivering!